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Top 5 Busty Girls from Movida Escorts

In today’s article I’m going to be writing about our top five bustiest babes that work for our agency Movida escorts. You’ll find that there are a lot of truly perfect babes that are available to book from our agency and that our busty babes are some of the most popular due to their truly extraordinary busts of course. So, here are our top five bustiest London escorts from Movida escorts.


If you’ve been searching for a one of a kind blonde with a huge bust then you can be delighted when you meet the one of a kind Lea. As this absolutely gorgeous blonde bombshell is truly perfect in every single way and will make you feel on top of the world after a night out with the luscious Lea. Being a truly excellent French beauty you’re going to love everything about this exotic European babe as she is always the kind of girl that listens to exactly what you want and make sure that she delivers what you want to the fullest extent of her abilities.


One of our truly exceptional brunettes that has a slim and leggy figure that you’re going to enjoy everything about. Being an exotic Spanish beauty she is very well versed in her abilities as one of the finest escorts that you will surely ever come across. You’ll want to spend as much time as you can with this one of a kind girl as she makes sure that every second is an experience that you will never want to end.


At the young age of 21 this absolutely gorgeous Eastern European beauty is best of the bets in her profession providing one of the most memorable evenings that you could ever wish for as Viola is a one of a kind beauty. With a 34C natural bust and curvy hourglass like figure that you’re going to absolutely adore, you’d be absolutely insane not to book her for an evening as this girl is truly exceptional in every single way shape and form. You’ll never forget the sumptuous evening that you had with this tanned beauty.


A one of a kind Estonian blonde bombshell that will turn your evening into a night that you will never forget. When you meet this saucy babe you will become completely infatuated with how extravagant she is, always wearing some of the most perfect clothing to accommodate her slim and sensual figure. You’ll be truly amazed by the every second that you can get with her as she wants nothing more than to make every moment with you a memorable delight.


A truly gorgeous curvy Eastern European that is known as Pamela. With an absolutely massive 34F natural bust and gorgeous curvy figure you’re going to adore. This girl is truly one of the most exquisite that we have ever had at our agency as she will make your evening one of the most memorable that you’ve ever experience with any of our girls.


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